Go Commando Information

Create a team with your friends, work team, or family and do the Go Commando 5K Adventure!  It will have you measuring the fun you had by the amount of dirt and sweat you pack on during your race.  The event is the combination of a 5K run and at least a dozen individual "adventures". Plus, New in 2013! Several New Adventures!  Complete them all and cross the finish line and you've officially GONE COMMANDO! 

The Next Go Commando Adventure Race is Saturday, July 13, 2013 Register now! Team Discounts available!  The more you sign up the more you save!

Once you've finished the race, join in on the big post-race party right on site.  You can even keep watching other people do their races while you're kickin' back with food and drink!  This event is only for participants and spectators who are 16-years-old and older (you must present your photo ID at the event),  because this event is such a big adventure and there's a big party afterward.

Why Do the Go Commando?

  • To show off ot your friends how tough you REALLY ARE!
  • Because getting a mud bath at a spa is far less exciting  and far more expensive than this race!
  • Where else can you act like a kid in an adult sorta way?
  • Bring your co-workers and do this as a Team Building event!
  • No matter what your racing experience is, you can make this event as challenging as you want it to be!  You don't have to be an expert Commando to join us!
  • Because judging from the post-race perma-grin you'll have on your face, non-Commandos will wonder what you've been up to
  • Running. Mud. Adventure. Beer.  Need we say more?

So, are YOU up to the experience? Sign up NOW!